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Zen & Meditative Art

[a place dedicated to peace, meditation, contemplation and meditative art and where you can pacify the mind and body and balance the energies in an atmosphere of wabi -natural- and sabi -transient beauty-]

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[holistic holidays: at Wabisabi you can spend your relaxation holiday or regeneration weekend, or simply enjoy a relaxing Japanese bath or enjoy organic green tea with friends in a natural and harmonious atmosphere]

Okurimono: Holos Voucher

Okurimono: Holos Voucher

[book the Voucher Holos special packages Okurimono (gift) to celebrate in harmony dates and anniversaries] >>info
Eco Friendly, Bio Architecture, Harmony between Culture
Zen Spirit

Zen Spirit: harmony of body and mind

[weekends & weeks Zen Spirit to restore the mental and physical energies. Bio Tatami rooms for balancing the physical, organic aromatherapy to promote relaxation, Zen meditation on the breath to balance the mind, Japanese bath [ofuro] to relax and harmonize the energies of body and mind, organic green tea tasting to purify and energize] >>info

Centre guided tours

Centre guided tours

[tours: only saturday and sunday morning hours 11-12 the tour will last about 1 hour and include a guided visit to the Tea Ceremony Rooms Hiroma and Koma, the botanical garden and organic green tea tasting, it is necessary to book in advance]>>book

Bio-Ryokan WabiSabi Ofuro Bio-Sencha Hiroma & Koma Courses & Teachers Temple Aromatherapy

[Bio-Ryokan WabiSabi] The Japanese Inn Eco-Friendly Bio-Construction, a B&B to experience the balancing sleep/rest on genuine Tatami & Futon made in Kyoto in a uncontaminated environment.
[Wellness Path]

[Ofuro] Relaxing & Soothing Aromatherapeutic Japanese Bath Tub handcraft in Tokyo with Inoki wood from Kiso Valley a unique experience to sooth and calm body and mind.
[Wellness Path]

[Bio-Sencha] from Uji, Shizuoka and Kagoshima, Hi grade organic green tea leaves and Matcha & Sencha powdered with the highest beneficial properties.
[Wellness Path]

[Hiroma & Koma] Traditional and authentic japanese small and large rooms for the Tea Ceremony, Tea tastings and cultural events.
[Zen & Meditative Art]

[Courses & Teachers] Meditative Art: Sado the Tea Ceremony, Ikebana, Origami, Shodo, and Shakuhachi the Zen flute of Komuso Monks.
[Zen & Meditative Art]

[Temple] Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism for meditation, sessions are open to all.
[Pace Path]

[Aromatherapy] Bio for a sensory experience of relaxing in each tatami room by air/mist/essential oils diffusion.
[Wellness Path]

Zen Holidays

Mental Quietness
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Meditative Arts

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