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Guided tours at the Centre
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WabiSabiCulture is a sensory experience for the quest for peace and the psychophysical wellness, through the ancient Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi, which expresses an aesthetic ideal, poetic and simple, bound to the way of green tea [sado], and the tea ceremony [chanoyu] Zen Buddhism and meditation [dhyana], calm abiding. Is sought and enhances the extemporaneous beauty of the nature impermanent and fragile [wabi] the beauty of imperfection and irregularity that became characteristic of uniqueness and therefore as such unique and precious. Contemplating the wonder in everyday life becomes the artistic and spiritual way of life. The beauty in the time that passes [sabi] where everything is transformed and enriched, and allows us to recognize and appreciate the beauty of impermanence, the becoming. Six years of research and work for a unique project in Italy and European importance, dedicated to the study of Japanese rural architecture in accordance with Japanese aesthetic ideal of wabi sabi with use of important large beams, lime and straw plaster and straw tatami rooms, but also Sado [the way of tea], indigo dye boro fabrics, hagi ceramics related to the tea ceremony and a careful selection of high quality and certified organic green teas by Uji valley, Kyoto.
WabiSabiCulture represents a research that discover, studies and experience ancient Eastern philosophies related to different countries and cultures that are integrated in a harmonious way of peace through Zen and the Meditative Arts.
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