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[Masako Sawanobori]

Omotesenke Tea Ceremony Master

Born in Tokyo, Japan. At 18 years began studying the Japanese Way of Tea (Sado Omotesenke). Following receives Sooden of "Kajo Naraigoto 13", "Satsuubako", "Karam", "Daitenmoku", "Bonten" and then in 1988 receives the official title of KOSHI (teacher).

Practice "Ohatsugama", "chashitsu Biraki", "Asa cha", and then prepares the officials Chaja with Hon Kaiseki (tea ceremony which not only serves the tea, but serves the whole course of the refined cuisine prepared with care with simple food but
very specific and of highest quality cooked in a very traditional way).

Teacher of rare elegance and kindness communicates always with a smile and directly to the heart, is a real privilege to host Masako Tea Ceremony workshops at Wabisabiculture.


[the tea way]

a path in the athmosphere of

Wabi わび

[wich contemplate the natural of impermanence, the imperfect, the austere]

and Sabi さび

[the beauty of the becoming]

through the "emptiness rooms"

Koma 小間

[small tea room]

Hiroma 広間

[large tea rooom]

and Chanoyu 茶の湯

[Tea Ceremony]

Omotesenke 表千家

[cha no yu]

Cha no yu (Tea Ceremony)

this Traditional Zen Arts takes final shape in the sixteenth century, by Sen no Rykyu Buddhist monk and master of the tea ceremony; it is a Zen Art as integrates and promotes, through the ceremony, a philosophy of peace and harmony based on four fundamental principles:

(和 Wa)
(敬 Kei)
(清 Sei)
(寂 Jaku)
Serenella Giorgetti, Masako Sawanobori