Etichetta a WabiSabi
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The preservation of the place, the nature, the space and therefore the Culture of kindness and peace depends on the care of all of us, Thank you.
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Etiquette at WabiSabiCulture
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At wabisabiculture is required to gently observe a few simple rules in respect of the place, thanks


We encourage guests to avoid smoking in all indoor and outdoor area. It is advisable to avoid smoking for the entire period of your stay to enjoy the best of the delicate natural fragrances and fine green tea served. However, we reserved a smoking area in the parking area / entrance.

It is wise to walk with awareness on the trails "stepping stones"; who want to contemplate the environment can stand out leaving the path free.

In all interior you access barefoot or in socks, so before entering any home or environment, you must remove your shoes and leave them outside.


In order to preserve the natural scent of the components of the environments and aromatherapy treatments we invite all guests to avoid using perfumes, eau de toilette, soap and shower gel and scented creams.

For showers and to be environmentally friendly, we invite guests to use organic mild soap available in special dispensers in every bathroom.

The tatami areas are delicate: we invite guests to avoid leaning over luggage, accessories, creams and other beauty items, bottles and liquids in general, food. If necessary, use the special baskets for small items such as books or glasses etc.. you can only walk on tatami barefoot.