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The Centre includes:

Koma and Hiroma, the two traditional rooms for The Japanese Tea Ceremony

Buddhist temple consecrated
Ven. Khensur (abbot) Jhado Rinpoche

Ima the 7 and half tatami mat living room
for meetings & cultural events

Three guest rooms 4 and half tatami mat size

Ofuro traditional space for the hot bath
relaxing in a wooden tub of genuine Japanese Inoki by natural aromatherapy properties

Wabi sabi park and botanical garden
pond with koi carp

Paths of stone and wood
steps of awareness

Foundation: WabiSabiCulture is a project by Northern Shambhala Center for the preservation of Tibetan Buddhism and Kalacakra Tantra for which there is the aim of establishing a registered Foundation.

[Courses & Activities]

(Tea Ceremony)
Ikebana - Chabana
(or Kado, the path of flowers)

Tibetan Buddhism
Tantra di Kalacakra

Eastern philosophies
Art & Poetry
Exhibition of ceramics